Imagine playing a game of telephone with your ancestors from hundreds of years ago, except that the line consistently cuts out, and you don't understand all of the language that they speak. What you do understand is important; the most important thing in the world. I create imaginative, illustrative wearable objects that fill the gaps in the Indigenous narrative; they are not an absolute truth but one possible narrative among many; a way to connect with the past through layers of abstraction, with no right or wrong answer.

I use productive misunderstandings as a way to fill in the cultural gaps with new; maybe it's better to create new rather than to allow parts of ourselves and our culture to die. I create objects which have agency and are a part of an Indigenous based worldview and oral history. Each object and its associated  material qualities are a part of a narrative meant to fill in the lost gaps in Indigenous culture and knowledge due to colonization and genocide.

 What matters is not whether the objects accurately recreate the lost past, but rather to capture an inner truth and a possible alternative reality of the object through a modern interpretation.